"Devoted to Justice"


How to properly install LCPF required mods.


What is this? LCPDFR is a police mod designed to make GTA IV all around better.

1.To get LCPDFR, you simply go to the link that we provided in the "Home" Page.

2. Download it

3. Install , LCPDFR is an automatic install so it requires no work. 

vDH_Police Helper

What is this? vDH_PoliceHelper is a mod designed to bring you more action into GTA IV.

1.To get vDH_PoliceHelper, you simply go to the link that we provided in the "Home" Page.

2. You move the files into your scripts folder.


What is this? ALPR is a police script for LCPDFR, it shows you cars license plate number for better role playing experiences. 

1.Place the commandline.txt in your GTA/EFLC directory (..\Grand Theft Auto IV)

2.Extract the folder named "project" and the "ALPRSystem.exe" file to wherever 

you want. The desktop would be fine.       

First Time Use 

When you first use the ALPR system, you'll need to create yourself an account 

so that you can login. To do this, open the program and click "Create New Account".

TIP: DON'T open GTA IV until you have finished setting up the ALPR system, once in-game, you wont

have a mouse so make sure you have logged in, and disabled sound if required.

How To Use: 

Once you've loaded up the ALPR system and logged in you can then go ahead and 

launch GTA. Go on duty and get your squad car. Now, if you want to run a plate║ 

hit ALT+TAB so that you are on the ALPR system and hit <Enter>. If an alert   ║

comes up, hit <Enter> again to disable it. You can then press ALT+TAB again to║ 

pull over the vehicle. If no alert comes up, that's fine, either run another  ║

plate by hitting <enter> again, or press ALT+TAB to wait for another vehicle  ║ 

to come along.          


Because the game now runs in windowed mode (thanks to the commandline.txt)    

you won't crash when you press ALT+TAB and the program will run as an overlay.

        The names displayed in the ALPR system won't correspond with the name on the  

LCPDFR databse in-game. Think about it though, the ALPR system shows the      

owner's name and the LCPDFR database shows the name of the person driving and 

in real life, these won't always be the same, someone else could be borrowing 

the car. This means that if you pull someone over for expired insurance, you  

can still pull them over and check the license of the driver.  


What is this? ELS is a police car lighting system.

1. To get ELS, you simply go to the link that we provided in the "Home" Page.

2. Move all of the files into the GTA main directory. 

DAS (Dispatch Assistance)

What is this? DAS is designed to let you see your Lima numbers in game, and it is a quick GPS to other players in-game. 

1. To get DAS, you simply go to the link that we provided in the "Home" Page.

2. move the files into your GTA main directory.